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We really do enjoy cleaning and it shows! Honesty and Loyalty are 2 very important traits of our cleaning company! Take a quick look at our list of services. Below, is a sample of issues you may currently experience with office cleaning.

  • Inconsistent work ethic.
  • Not getting the quality services you are paying for.
  • Lack of communication with the operations managers.
  • You are not provided with the services you require.
  • In-house janitors are costing you too much in benefits and payroll taxes.
  • Non English speaking cleaners.
  • Only see or hear from the owner when the invoice is due.
  • Doors left unlocked or lights left on.
  • Unplugged computers or worse unplugged servers.
  • Trash liners left in cans with food or liquids.
Then it may be time to call North Shore Clean "Our success is based on customer satisfaction" Request a free quote: We are a cleaning company that provides services to maintain your commercial property. So go ahead - toss a paperclip under your desk , see how long it takes to be cleaned up by your current cleaning service, and what kind of results you get when trying to speak with a cleaning supervisor , then arrange a free estimate from us on services for your facility, just email and we'll quickly be in touch to bid the job. We do the work, so you can concentrate on your business. We provide your company with daily office cleaning services for your building, or a weekly or monthly service. We will customize an office cleaning program specifically geared for your business. At North Shore Clean, our promise is that you are always 100% satisfied with the job that we are doing and we'll not only be doing the work ourselves, but back up our work with a 100 % guarantee. We have a strong cleaning service-driven reputation for delivering the high quality services at a competitive price.

Competitive Pricing and Free Estimates

Competitive Pricing and Free Estimates: In order to attract business, we must stay competitive. However, we will not engage in unreasonably low service charges in order to win a customer. This practice has become rampant in our industry and property managers, facilities managers and even office managers must be aware that if you hire a janitorial company with a price that looks too good to be true, well you know the rest. Some janitorial companies are either reducing the amount of time allocated to clean a job properly and/or reducing their employee’s hourly pay. This affects the people cleaning your facility and will directly affect the cleanliness of your office or building. You can find us online here at, Cleaning Companies.


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